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Achille Salvagni was born in Rome in and graduated with an honors degree in architecture in In , he created Achille Salvagni Architetti, a multidisciplinary firm for architecture and interior design, developing projects for residential buildings, luxury apartments, and yachts. Pilar Viladas , a former design editor at The New York Times Magazine and T Magazine, writes about design and architecture for a variety of publications. Benoist F. Drut is the owner of the influential New York design gallery Maison Gerard.


Planted between two small houses is the Garden of Consolation: a series of rooms and terraces with lush vegetation, some rendering homage to the paintings of Henri Rousseau, others inspired by invented characters. Surrounding the Garden of Consolation are the Wild Garden and a hillside devoted to the wild flowering bulbs of northern Morocco, where indigenous species of narcissus, iris, crocus, scilla, gladiolus, and others bloom. With its stunning vistas and verdant fields, Rohuna is a garden of incomparable beauty with the mission to preserve the botanical richness of the region.

Captured here in detail by celebrated photographer Ngoc Minh Ngo, the poetic beauty of this special and unique place is lovingly rendered for all the world to see and share. Ngoc Minh Ngo is a celebrated photographer and the author of two books. Umberto Pasti is a well-known Italian writer and horticulturalist. Favorite recipes from each season are sure to please.

Experience and taste the seasons of the farm through beautiful photographs and more than fifty recipes covering everything from baked goods to entrees, soups, and salads, and even homemade dog treats. Known for her carefully nuanced color palettes and attention to detail, Cathy Kincaid creates warm and gracious interiors.

Her worldly taste in collecting art and furnishings, her intricate layering of patterns, and the customized details—from trelliswork to lacquered surfaces—she applies to every room are hallmarks of her style. She has been long involved in historic preservation, working on many landmarked dwellings.

Learn from this design expert how to achieve a comfortable yet sumptuous home environment. Leading interior designer Cathy Kincaid founded her internationally recognized Dallas firm in Chesie Breen is a public-relations consultant specializing in luxury lifestyles. Acclaimed interior designer Bunny Williams is the author of several books. Her husband, John Rosselli , is a noted antiques dealer.

A handful of years after he arrived in New York from Tokyo as a young Neo-Dada sculptor, Arakawa began producing two-dimensional works that brought together text and schematic images. With these paintings, he sought to stimulate the formation of mental images by the viewer—and for the viewer to engage both mind and eye in the act of perception. Arakawa would continue this investigation of human consciousness through diagrammatic works on paper and canvas over the following two decades.

He used a variety of materials and created works ranging from modest-sized drawings to vast paintings on multiple panels. Numerous illustrations, a new essay by Charles W. Haxthausen, and a historical text by Italo Calvino reveal an artist with a committed focus on our awareness of our bodies in the act of perceiving.

Charles W.

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Evolving from her earlier figurative works, these abstract sand paintings evoke the traditions of landscape and naturalist painting. Stuart Krimko is a poet, art writer, translator, and astrologer. A coming-to-America success story, this is the autobiography of Pakistaniborn American artist Jamali, who originated Mystical Expressionism and whose mission is to bring peace to the world through art. The eldest son of a prominent family living in the foothills of the Himalayas, Jamali experienced the horrors of war through the Indian Partition, which led him to pursue a life of peace through art on a prolific scale, producing more than 40, original works to date.

One hundred artworks individually selected by the artist accompany the engaging text in a separate section beautifully printed on a specially coated paper. Inspired by people such as Gandhi who advocated change through nonviolent measures, Jamali hopes to change our lives by sharing his story of art and peace. Jamali is one of the most successful artists in America and one of the most collected living artists globally. He has galleries in New York, Florida, and Denmark.

However, in this new body of work, she further explores her geometric abstractions, offering a more direct view of her technical mastery as she adheres to a single-process approach to study the possibility of endless permutations. In previous abstract works, Kusaka often ended a line or grid pattern once it became distorted by the curvature of the pot, producing fragmented, interlocking patterns that appear as overlapping drawings, contradicting the three-dimensional volume.

In these new works, however, she takes an almost topographic approach by carving, painting, and even drawing with pencil intricate lines along the surfaces of each pot, allowing the shape of each vessel to dictate the curves of the lines.

Team Penske has won seventeen times in its forty-four Indianapolis races at the Brickyard. Penske first attended the Indy with his father in Team Penske is one of the most successful teams in the history of professional sports. A richly produced new edition of evocative black-and-white and color photographic portraits of children in war-torn countries. Beginning in , Bobby, Elaine, and their two young children lived among earthquake victims in Pakistan, former child soldiers in Rwanda, and Tibetan monks in India in order to set up aid programs.

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Following his early business successes, he dedicated himself full-time to philanthropy. Issey Miyake is a Japanese fashion designer known for his technology driven clothing designs. Beautifully photographed in breathtaking detail, this volume tells the story of the crucial role that Venetian Heritage has in preserving the art of Venice both in Italy and in the areas once part of the Republic of Venice.

A stunning collection of photographs celebrating the excellence of the Italian Renaissance period through palaces and gardens built between the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries.

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The book illustrates ten locations of extraordinary artistic and architectural interest, conceived by wealthy Italian families and dynasties as urban villas or country houses centered around the pursuit of entertainment and leisure. These lavishly decorated and frescoed palaces are adorned with handcrafted furniture and works of art and surrounded by gardens that retain their original layout to this day—a very rare feature.

A historical text introduces each venue, giving an overview of its origins. The villas have been specially photographed for this book by Dario Fusaro, with views of both the palace interiors and their grounds, as well as the gardens, glimpses of the halls, details of the furnishings, and a focus on the frescoes, where still preserved.

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Explanatory captions offer an iconographic interpretation of the most interesting frescoes, such as those of Veronese at Villa Barbaro. For the first time, Fusaro also employs a drone with the purpose of capturing the architectural structure and elements of each Italian Renaissance garden, from above and as a whole. This all-access volume is essential for fans and readers interested in Italian art, for those who love to travel through Italy in search of places of artistic interest, and for those seeking out green tourist destinations.

Lucia Impelluso is a historian of architecture and an expert in the study of historical gardens. Her publications on gardens have been translated into different languages and awarded important prizes both in Italy and France. Dario Fusaro is one of the most important photographers of gardens in Italy. The brightly colored printed fabrics created by Emilio Pucci recount an important period of Italian fashion history. During the s, fashion designer Emilio Pucci focused on the creation of rugs that were presented at the Museo Nacional de Arte Decorativo in Buenos Aires. The production of exclusive rugs continues upon the request of selected clients, whose houses have been photographed for the book.

Currently, Pucci collaborates with Cappellini, Kartell, Bisazza, Illy, and many others on their interior design projects. After the death of her father, Emilio Pucci, in , she became head of the Emilio Pucci company.

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She is image director and deputy chairman of the company now controlled by LVMH. Suzy Menkes is a British journalist and fashion critic. Angelo Flaccavento is a contributing editor to the Business of Fashion. This book documents the exhibition spaces and the collection on display at the Bisazza Foundation: the museum created by one of the major luxury brands in the design sector and a leading manufacturer of glass mosaics.

The generous space, which had once served as a factory for the famous colored glass mosaics, has now been beautifully converted into a 80,squarefoot contemporary space for architecture, sculpture, design, and photography. The complex still holds the soul of the craftsmanship it once contained and now displays an astonishing collection of works by international artists and architects such as Richard Meier, Patricia Urquiola, Alessandro Mendini, Ettore Sottsass, John Pawson, Arik Levy and Marcel Wanders.

The works elegantly combine the unlimited imagination of grand scale sculptures with the precise and rigorous mastering of finishing details and materials of the mosaics. This volume closes with spaces devoted to architectural photography, which showcases works by authoritative figures from the world of photography.

In forty years of activity, the Diesel brand has managed to construct a world that communicates values of rebellion, nonconformity, and individuality.

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Denim is the fabric of Diesel, but in-between the warp and weft of those threads, what Diesel really communicates is something that goes far beyond the physical garment. New images shot by four different photographers are interspersed with archival visual material, campaigns, and editorials. Susie Lau , also known as Susie Bubble, started her blog Style Bubble in March , with a focus on spotlighting young and unknown talent. She also freelances for renowned publications and regularly speaks at global conferences about the role of social media in fashion and the relationship between print and digital.

After graduating from a fashion college in London, she returned to her country and established her fashion-design studio in , and she has since opened several ateliers and boutiques in Jakarta. Her textiles make strong use of folklore, including the Jumputan tie-dyed fabrics the Pelangi Palembang that have become her hallmark.

A role model for women, entrepreneurs, designers, and visionary people, Ghea went international early in her career. Since her very first forays into fashion, Ghea has been instrumental in establishing the association of fashion designers IPMI in her country, for the professionalization of fashion design. This is an inspirational book for many young designers who need to acquire the know-how to sustain their own creative practice.

She also works in fashion and blogs under the name of Alex Bruni. This book will represent one of the most effective and extravagant visions of architecture, one that links the new generations and the old world. In the past few years, Mexico has brought to light a new generation of architects whose extraordinary vision and productivity has positioned the country among the most creative design cultures of the world.